Welcome on the homepage of the INTERNATIONAL ALL BREED CUP, new type of the agility competition. This competition allows as many breeds as possible to show the beauty of this sport on the course and to refresh the colours of the agility.

The Idea to organise INTERNATIONAL ALL BREED CUP originates from considering the agility began as a sport for all breeds without any difference. We should not forget that exactly this is the big advantage of the agility, which opens the doors for the agility all over the world and gives the pleasure to the people and their four-ledged friends.

I am very happy to see, the idea to organise INTERNATIONAL ALL BREED CUP found favour with further countries and wins more and more agility fans. It is not only the possibility to measure each other on the course within the breed; it is big chance to get know new and interesting friends, too.

I believe INTERNATIONAL ALL BREED CUP appeals to you with its idea and will be a fix date within your agility agenda in the future. I wish you good luck and have a fun with your dogs.

Antonin Grygar Czech Republic, International agility judge

Regulations for organisation of the INTERNATIONAL ALL BREED CUP:

Any club of the member countries of FCI Agility Board can organise INTERNATIONAL ALL BREED CUP (IABC)
Keeping the basic idea of the IABC and the program
Using of the emblem IABC in the version of the organising country
All participants should receive a souvenir Giving the information about IABC using of the homepage - in 3 languages in minimum (English, German and organising country)
Organising the social evening with music and catering
Organising a tom bola. All participants will receive one lot free of charge.
Giving a guaranty, that 3 teams will start free of charge (three winners of the tom bola in one year will have a possibility to start free of charge next year)
Keeping the schedule of the IABC within June